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    How do we accelerate a green, resilient and just transition?

    A research and knowledge-hub for climate-tech

  • About OXCT

    Housed at Oxford Saïd Business School, OxCT exists to help close the knowledge, partnership, and resource gaps to accelerate the green and just transition. Our research focuses on best practices in supporting climate technology development, as well as ensuring that solutions scale efficiently and equitably. Our flagship study - The Climate Tech Opportunity - conducted in partnership with the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship, assesses the key trends and challenges influencing climate tech. It also pools insights directly from leading climate tech experts from around the world, including vulnerable countries and communities. We plan to deepen our research in hopes of overcoming information asymmetries, enabling new collaborations, and facilitating capacity building for practitioners in the climate-tech space.


    “The cost of low-carbon technology (LCT) is decreasing while investment, trade, and innovation in this sector are on the rise. But the benefits of that progress have largely eluded the world’s poorest countries, which play a minuscule role in low-carbon technology markets as buyers, sellers or innovators—despite being the most vulnerable to extreme weather events, flooding, damage to infrastructure, and habitat loss.”


    International Finance Corporation, Technology Transfer and Innovation for Low-Carbon Development, 2020

  • Skoll World Forum 2022 - The future of #ClimateTech collaboration and systems change

    Watch the lightning panel and provocations

    Hosted by the Oxford Climate Tech Initiative, in partnership with On Deck Build for Climate, at the Skoll World Forum we held a launch session April 8 with 185 people joining live from all continents. You can also read the recap here on Medium.

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    Dive into the unresolved questions

    In our session, after the lightning panel, we held 16 breakout rooms, with nearly 40 volunteer facilitators and asked participants to share their points of view and perceptions on the Miro here.

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    Explore the interactive systems map and contribute

    Using Kumu maps linked to "virtual post it notes" we crowdsourced responses to the key questions that feeds into a larger research project underway. This documentation is still open- please add your own considerations! Click here to view and join!

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    Join the Community of Practice on LinkedIn

    The OXCTI Community Of Practice is a space for us all to connect, share resources and updates about interesting questions, conversations, events happening in the #ClimateTech space.
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